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Finding Your Essential Leadership Self

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Diving Deeper into Emergent Thinking

What’s the next moonshot in your world?

And what if you could ride it up? We work with clients who are interested in driving emergent thinking in their industries to explore what wants to happen next and how we can accelerate its arrival. Whether it’s getting to zero-emissions in the world’s ports, exploring the future of sales or looking at what’s next in higher education, Reservoir’s broad slate of creative thinkers can help you accelerate your investigation.

The Purpose

We advocate for better solutions to commercial, educational, environmental and societal issues, and for accelerating experimentation with emerging models.

The Profile

You are a leader in an organization and you know you have to lead change. Maybe you’re looking for a faster route to the next big thing or maybe you’re certain you can do the thing everyone else says can’t be done.

The Process

We help you and your team work through moonshot thinking, helping you get above the battleground to identify trends and opportunities and map a faster way forward.

The Payoff

Less talk, faster action, better futures.


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Developing the New Leadership Model

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