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Finding Your Essential Leadership Self

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Bringing the Future into Focus

The future of your organization depends on the next generation of leaders.

In global organizations, that means helping top talent develop the right mindsets and skill sets to take on greater responsibility. In smaller private companies, it may also mean equity planning and ownership transition.

The Purpose

To ensure a strong pipeline of leadership for the future at all levels of the organization, from front-line managers to board members. We recommend planning a 10-year horizon for mature organizations.

The Profile

You are C-Suite leaders who are both candidates for the top job and responsible for developing your own replacements; middle-managers about to make the challenging jump to the VP level; newly recruited top executives and new board members.

The Process

We help you select, nurture and sustain the next generation of leadership. We assist with selection tools and individual coaching. We offer transition programs for mid-level candidates and onboarding programs for those coming from outside the organization.

The Payoff

Bench strength for innovation and growth.


Finding Your Essential Leadership Self

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