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Finding Your Essential Leadership Self

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Sharing Your Leadership Platform

At Reservoir, we believe anyone gifted with leadership owes it to society to take a stand.

A stand is an essential commitment to add value to the lives of others. We help leaders cut through the noise to clarify what they and their organization want to contribute to the conversation for better outcomes in a better world. And then we help communicate that stand in a way that changes the culture of your organization and your community.

The Purpose

We work with leaders to identify what matters most to them on their leadership journey and to frame a communication platform to tell their story of leadership for a better world.

The Profile

You are a senior leader seeking to transform your organization to provide deeper meaning to the lives of your people and those who rely on their work.

The Process

We take you on a deep dive into what you stand for as a human being and what is essential to your heart. Then we help you craft that into a leadership platform to help you engage and enroll others in the deeper meaning of the work you do.

The Payoff

A more meaningful life journey for you and everyone you touch.


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