Thought Leadership

Finding Your Essential Leadership Self

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“To call to an action or point of view;
to plead in favor of.”

From Latin advocatus

We develop thought leadership, yours and ours.

We believe that disruption is the core of leadership and that today’s most effective (and important) leaders are those who are curious about what wants to happen next and how to guide their organization and their society toward a new way of looking at our world. That kind of deeper, more reflective leadership thought is exactly what we need now.

Thought Leadership

Building Your
Leadership Platform

We help leaders build a focused thought-leadership platform around which they can communicate a campaign for change. We’ve studied, worked with and coached hundreds of leaders in private and public sectors who have engaged their audience in game-changing new ways of thinking about their work and their world. We build a communication framework to support and spread the message, create speeches and by-lined articles, and design culture campaigns to make your message stick.

Leadership Frameworks

Developing the
New Leadership Model

Along with our own leadership training, we develop coursework for leading business schools and corporate clients to encourage deeper, fresher thinking on what it means to lead, on what leaders are responsible for and how leaders can expand positive influence to everyone their organization touches.

White Papers

Diving Deeper
into Emergent Thinking

Working for the benefit of clients, we dive into pressing topics and investigate the current state of play, coming trends and future moonshots. We partner with nonprofits like The Ocean Exchange to study issues of environmental importance and survey horizon for next generation solutions to today’s problems. And we provide research and analysis for clients who want a fresh perspective on upcoming choices in their field.

Books & Articles

From the Men and
Women Behind Reservoir

Reservoir’s Fellows are leading thinkers united in a clear purpose: changing the way the world works. From studies on vision and entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, leadership lessons from the world of crisis management, to work on the neuroscience of coaching and changing minds. Join us in expanding your understanding of the latest in leadership thinking.


Leadership Advisory


Industry and Team Workshops

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