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“To further the development of,
to move forward.”

From 13th C. French avauncen

We bring people together to create watershed moments in their teams, their organizations and their industries.

We facilitate executive retreats and workshops, offer training and future-casting to expand leadership awareness. We create leadership laboratories that get to the core of issues for key industry topics and leadership teams, bringing clarity to action, aligning dynamics and accelerating strategic implementation for the emerging future.

Executive Alignment

Bringing Your Leadership
Culture Together

Building a game-changing leadership culture takes powerful intention and the ability to listen to understand the moment in which you lead and the openness to partner with others to move forward. That’s why we offer 360 surveys of your leadership relationships, identifying strengths to build on. We facilitate C-Suite sessions to build alignment around a clear vision of what needs to happen next. We plan and lead Board and C-Suite retreats, either virtually or, when appropriate, in person. We lead strategic planning with future-casting sessions, to build clarity on what wants to happen next (and what doesn’t).

Leadership Training

Learning to
Lead the Way

Brilliant leadership begins with radical self-awareness. We offer Essentiality™ Workshops based on Dain Dunston’s new book, Being Essential: Radical Self-Awareness for Life, Love and Leadership. We provide workshops for leaders at all levels of the organization, from line manager to global Top Talent, with workshops, Think Tanks and webinars. All our training courses are focused on teaching leaders how to focus on getting to the right questions, framing the story of the organization’s purpose and journey and building a leadership culture to drive forward.

Watershed Sessions

Finding What Wants
to Happen Next

We take the position that our present and our future depend on visionary leaders who understand that organizations have societal responsibility to the world in which we live and work. The Watershed Sessions are designed to engage leadership in a growing organization – or leaders across organizational and industry boundaries – in imaging what wants to happen next in society and what your industry and your organization can do to promote sustainable progress. We use future-casting to help leaders visualize the emerging future so they can give birth to better outcomes.

Culture Campaigns


The greatest organizations understand that culture eats strategy for breakfast. The most important job in any organization is the communication of leadership to build engagement. And what builds engagement? Credible leaders at all levels of the organization. We know that the single most important factor in employee engagement is the credibility of the employees direct supervisor, so we start there.


Leadership Advisory


Thought Leadership

Let’s build something awesome together.

You have a vision.
We have a way to get you there.