Leadership Advisory

Finding Your Essential Leadership Self

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“Towards a view or perspective.”

From Latin ad visum

We provide leaders with new and more effective ways of thinking about what it means to live and lead.

Reservoir is a deep resource and a safe sounding board for leaders to identify where they are and who they are being. We guide our clients to identify their greatest leadership self for the benefit of the organization and the world they serve.

Leadership Development

Finding Your Essential
Leadership Self

Every leader needs a trusted listener with experience to offer advice and counsel.

We offer more than that: a core team of seasoned advisors who work together to provide a powerful backstop for leadership challenges.

And the focus is on the biggest win of all: helping you find your highest purpose.

Succession Planning

Bringing the Future
into Focus

There is no leadership responsibility more vital to the future than the development of the next generation of leaders. We work with clients on mid-management coaching and leadership development. We facilitate the identification and development of top talent. We provide guidance on selection of emerging leaders through screening and 360s. We provide Upboarding for young leaders making the dangerous transition to Vice-President positions and Onboarding for C-Suite leaders and for Board members.

Leading in Crisis

Disruption is the
Core of Leadership

We live in troubled times. And that’s when the greatest opportunity is found. Our team includes some of the leading experts in global crisis management. We help clients not only manage crisis but avoid it. More than that, we help clients understand that they must always disrupt the status quo. Because if you can’t lead in a crisis, you can’t lead. That’s why we focus clients on modeling a new way forward every step of the way.

Business Advisory

Planning for
Healthy Growth

Sustainable growth is the key to long-term success in all endeavors, and nowhere is that more true than in the financial management of small to medium businesses, particularly family businesses. Our deep roots in financial management and governance are supported by former CEOs and international bankers. We can help you maximize your personal returns while still investing in changing the game in your business, with a particular focus on organizational and succession issues.


Industry and Team Workshops


Thought Leadership

Let’s build something awesome together.

You have a vision.
We have a way to get you there.