Watershed Sessions

Finding What Wants to Happen Next

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Disruption is the Core of Leadership

At Reservoir, we believe the future is constantly sending hints about emerging states.

Sensing and acting on what’s next is the work of visionary leaders working to create societal change, no matter what industry or organization they lead. We treat every moment as a watershed moment that can change the flow of history if we act. The Watershed Sessions are designed to help you visualize the future so you can lead it into being.

The Purpose

To identify emerging changes that will affect your organization and your world and formulate appropriate responses that can position you for profound and profitable change.

The Profile

You lead a dynamic organization and need to make sure your team, your customers, and your strategy are headed in the same direction.

The Process

Each Watershed Session is designed to reflect your unique position in the world. The process leads your team through an exploration of current and future states in search of a group “aha” moment where they get shared clarity on the way ahead. It can be done in a retreat setting or in a series of virtual sessions.

The Payoff

The future is waiting for you to connect to it.


Bringing Your Leadership Culture Together


Essentiality: Leading What Matters Most


Building Authentic Engagement

Let’s build something awesome together.

You have a vision.
We have a way to get you there.